What is The
Audentes® Solution?

The AuDentes® implant bridge is a unique treatment solution for those who have no, or very few, teeth in their mouth. By utilising cutting edge technology the specialist led team of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Specialist Prosthodontist, Anaesthetist and Digital Technician can provide you treatment in one hospital visit under general anaesthetic.

Your smile is ready immediately after surgery. This treatment process is highly suited to those who are time poor, who suffer from dental phobia or who find being without their teeth, and ability to smile, unacceptable. The AuDentes® procedure offers reduced number of pre-operative and post-operative visits, less pain & swelling, faster recovery, personalised treatment for your individual needs and immediate placement of the final metal reinforced implant bridge while you sleep under general anaesthetic.

Dental Implants Perth - All on 4 and 6 Tooth Implants Perth | Bright Implant

Wake up Smiling

This procedure which is a world first allows you to wake up with your final teeth, no temporaries no period of time walking around without teeth.

Dental Implants Perth - All on 4 and 6 Tooth Implants Perth | Bright Implant

The fastest solution to a new smile

Our specialists have unique access to this patented approach that allows for only 1 hospital visit, 1 pre visit, to take a scan and 1 final visit to ensure everything is as it should be. There is nothing else that can match this.

Dental Implants Perth - All on 4 and 6 Tooth Implants Perth | Bright Implant

Trust our experts

Our registered specialists are trusted to only do what they are trained to do – you won't be dealing with a dentist looking to place an implant, or a surgeon looking to design a crown, or a prosthodontist looking to undertake surgery. Each specialist is vetted and is an expert in their field. This reduces your risk.

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    Connecting You With Providers of the AuDentes Implant Bridge in Perth

    Bright Implant Solutions strive to connect patients with expert dental specialists who can provide second opinions, and reliable dental treatment. All of our partners are internally vetted based on patient feedback and information from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) – so you can trust their expertise. We also specialise in connecting patients who are suffering from tooth loss with experienced providers of the AuDentes implant bridge in Perth.

    About AuDentes

    The AuDentes implant bridge is an innovative treatment solution for patients who are experiencing tooth loss and have very few teeth – or none – left in their mouth. This revolutionary technique was developed in Melbourne by Doctor Philip Tan, and is currently only offered by one specialist group in Western Australia. It solves various issues that patients have experienced with other implants, by reducing the cost and time for recovery, and improving the success rate of implant integration.

    Why AuDentes?

    AuDentes is the only implant solution that provides patients with their final teeth immediately. The clinicians undertake extensive planning, considering factors such as bone levels, and how your teeth come together, in order to work out the best locations for each implant. This makes AuDentes the most precise process available, and ensures you will receive a high-quality result that is perfectly suited to your mouth.

    AuDentes FAQs

    1. Will the AuDentes process hurt?
      The placement of an AuDentes implant bridge is a surgical procedure, and therefore there will be some pain. However, you will have a specialist anesthetist to help you manage your pain during and after the treatment.
    2. How fast is the treatment?
      The AuDentes procedure is days shorter than any other treatments available – it is actually the fastest option in the world. You will only need to attend one initial appointment, and then have one day of surgery in the hospital.
    3. Can I have just the top or bottom teeth implanted?
      With any type of procedure, if you choose to only implant one arch, there is a chance that the anesthetics and bite will be compromised. With AuDentes, it is possible to do just the top or the bottom, but you will have to discuss the possible compromises with your specialist.

    Choose Trusted, Experienced AuDentes Providers

    If you would like to receive the best, cutting edge tooth loss treatment, then Bright Implant Solutions can connect you with expert providers of the AuDentes implant bridge in Perth. Contact us today to find out more about AuDentes.