How fast is the fastest treatment approach?

The AuDentes® procedure cuts days off the currently available fixed implant bridge treatment options. There is nothing faster anywhere else in the world. All other options that claim to have teeth inserted on the same day are not providing a full final set of teeth, rather a plastic set of teeth connected by a fine wire.

After your initial consultations with your restorative Dentist and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon you will be required to attend only one other appointment prior to your surgery.

We understand that your time is valuable so lengthy and numerous appointments are avoided as much as possible.

Using state-of-the-art digital technology we are able to collect all the necessary data to assist in the construction of your individualised implant bridge in readiness for your surgery date. Our innovative technique means that your time in the dental chair is considerably reduced.

Your remaining teeth (if appropriate) will be removed, your implants will be placed and your AuDentes® will be fitted while you are under anesthesia during your brief hospital stay. When you wake from your anaesthetic your procedure will be complete and your AuDentes® will be in place ready for you to enjoy a healthier, more confident smile.

Our typical schedule of appointments include the following:

  • Initial consultation –Prosthodontist and/or Oral and Maxillofacial  Surgeon
  • Hospital procedure including implant placement & AuDentes fitting
  • Prosthodontic review
Do I need time off after surgery?

Be aware that you may feel quite flat for a day or two after surgery. This is normal so be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and try to rest as best you can. Most patients are up and about doing light work on day 2 after their surgery.

Ensure you take antibiotics if they have been prescribed and any other medication suggested to you to manage discomfort. Avoid alcohol.

How will I know what my teeth will look like after the surgery?

Your prosthodontist will take the required measurements and data for your implant bridge on your first visit. At this appointment you will be able to discuss your requirements and gain valuable guidance from your AuDentes specialist on the best look and function for your situation. All planning and device making happens behind the scenes and you are welcome to schedule an appointment to see the finished product prior to your surgery

Do you organise everything for me?

Yes. You can rest easy knowing that our team of specialists and support staff will organise all aspects of your treatment, including your hospital visit.

We understand that life is busy and organising dental treatment can be an extra drain you just don’t need. Leave the organisation to us and be confident knowing that are in the best hands.

Do you use genuine parts?

Having a clear understanding of the warranty process and the ability to repair the implant bridge, if needed, in the future is important.  There are 150+ implant companies who provide parts for implants globally. The choice needs to be made carefully and documentation needs to be of an exceptional standard.  The choice of implant company can be a factor in the cost of your final restoration, but we recommend that you only use the most trusted implant companies.

The specialists we refer you to work very closely with a small group of implant companies which are global leaders in the field and have long standing reliability in addition to stringent testing. These companies will be operating in years to come, ensuring you are well supported if required.

Is there a warranty?

Is there a warranty that I can see in writing?  What are the failures that the dentists have dealt with in the past?  What are my specific risks?

The warranty is in writing and we encourage you to have a look at the details. We will spend time with you to highlight any risks associated with your specific procedure and encourage you to seek a second opinion.

How long does the whole process take?

After initial screening, you will have a consultation with specialists and then your custom bridge is made.  You can view your custom-made bridge before your surgical appointment (if you’d like to). Then it’s your hospital visit for teeth removal (if required) and the new bridge placement. Your new bridge will be in place when you wake up.

You will have review appointments and instructions to follow regarding cleaning and appropriate food to eat.  The AuDentes® procedure is as little as 3 visits in total for treatment. Follow up appointments will be required but can vary.   With such a big decision, many people choose to view their bridge or in some cases have other concerns which make more appointments necessary. Our team supports you throughout your journey and understand that everyone has individual needs.

Can I do just the top or bottom?

With any system the aesthetics and bite can be compromised when only one arch is done at a time.

If AuDentes® is the treatment option chosen, yes you can have just one arch done at a time, but there may be some compromises to discuss with your Specialist.

Each case is approached entirely individually. You are a unique case and will be guided and treated as such.

Do you have payment plans?

The cost of any implant bridge treatment is an important factor. Make sure the discussions you have address the dental treatment and not just financing options. You want to be sure of what you are buying and the complete cost of the treatment, including all fees and services.

Will it be painful?

Having teeth removed and implants placed is a surgical procedure and therefore will result in some pain.  This varies greatly between patients no matter what treatment option is chosen. Your Specialist Anesthetist will help manage your pain at every part of treatment and recovery.

AuDentes® eliminates the need for further procedures after the surgery, aside from a check of the bite and bridge at the review.  This is important as it allows the healing process to begin and not be disturbed by further dental treatment. We work with specialists who do their one thing and they do it very well.  They are extremely experienced and proficient, which results in a quicker treatment time which obviously affects the pain and healing.

Arrange your appointment to assess your options

By talking to one of your friendly team members, we can better understand the outcome that you are
looking for and determine if one of our specialists is best suited for that solution. Our treatment approach of the technology that we utilise may be faster and more effective .