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When you are looking at comparing costs, there are several factors to consider.

  1. Who is doing the treatment?
  2. What quality of componentry is being used?
  3. Where the procedure is being undertaken and ultimately how
    successful the procedure will be?
  4. A clear expectation of what the lifetime costs will be.

Just as you wouldn’t see your GP for open heart surgery, you would want to see a Specialist for something that is complex. At Bright Specialist Implant Solutions, we have seen the patient impact of going overseas or to a less qualified clinician, and then requiring extreme and expensive treatment to fix what was done incorrectly and to resolve the initial concern.

The reason why a Specialist will save you money long-term is that they better understand the techniques and materials to use, the forces at play and long term prognosis of using different approaches. Hence many patients who sees our specialists don’t always end up with a mouth full of implants.

For a clinician looking to learn how to place implants, there is a tendency to consider implants as the main treatment modality. This is how we differ; Our Specialists consider all factors in deciding the optimum treatment which will work with your dental needs and budget.

On many occasions, the total cost of treatment is cheaper, however asking for an item number to compare one clinician to another doesn’t resolve the issue of different treatment plans by different clinicians. So whilst an item code may appear more expensive with a Specialist, you may need something completely different. Is it worth spending $2500 on a quick fix versus $4000 on a long term fix?

We have only the best components and lab work. We use the very best laboratories to ensure a quality outcome, and used the most skilled Lab Technicians.

Prosthodontists will only use specific laboratories and you will find that these experts do not offer discounts or specials on their pricing as they ensure the very best in design and fabrication under the expert instruction of a Prosthodontist. With a high quality control standard which results in many crowns needing to be remade, you can be assured that the final product is not comparable to cheaper options. The componentry used is the best of the top 4 implant companies globally. Finding parts in 10 years is going to be a lot easier than a brand that isn’t well established. This could result in the need to remove the old implant to replace it with something better – this happens unfortunately too many times as clinicians try to cut costs by using secondary standard of components.

With our implant procedures for complex treatments such as All on 4 or Audentes being undertaken under controlled environments of a hospital, complications are minimised to reduce the need for more surgery (and more cost along with discomfort). With these Specialists, you wont be sent somewhere else if there is a failure. These specialists regularly fix failures due to inexperienced clinicians learning on the patients. For an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon to be able to undertake surgery, they have spent in excess of 15 years training compared to a clinician that may have done a few courses in implant placement. Many health funds recognise this by providing higher rebates.

Lastly, we consider lifetime costs. The Specialists just like any other clinicians can’t provide a guarantee that nothing will break – we are dealing with human biology. But with their expertise, you can be assured that the vast majority of their patients won’t require ongoing maintenance for broken crowns, broken bridges, split implants, implants that can’t be sourced or many of the other reasons these Specialists end up fixing at the patient (or their clinicians) cost.

With all of this to consider, why wouldn’t you have an assessment by a Specialist before making such a big investment in your health?

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