What is The
Audentes® Solution?

The AuDentes® implant bridge is a unique treatment solution for those who have no, or very few, teeth in their mouth. By utilising cutting edge technology, the specialist led team of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Specialist Prosthodontists, Anaesthetists and Digital Technicians can provide you final teeth in one hospital visit, so you can wake up smiling.

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Best Dental Implants in Perth

Do You Suffer From
Tooth Loss?

Losing teeth affects our daily activities by significantly disrupting our eating, ability to smile and to speak clearly.

  • Are you missing several, or all, of your teeth?
  • Are you struggling with ill-fitting dentures or scared of
    seeing the dentist?
  • Would you like to smile, eat and speak with confidence?
  • Let our Specialist led team show you solutions that
    are unique to us.
  • We are able to provide solutions that the general dentist may not be able to.

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Arrange your appointment to assess your options

By talking to one of your friendly team members, we can better understand the outcome that you are
looking for and determine if one of our specialists is best suited for that solution. Our treatment approach of the technology that we utilise may be faster and more effective .

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